Resource: Condom Card Scheme (CCS)


The CCS is based on a confidential non-judgemental service that provides a consistent approach to providing condoms, quality accurate sexual health information and empowers youth to make positive choices around sexual health.

Aims of CCS

The CCS aims to:

  • increase the availability, accessibility and acceptability of condoms
  • increase the number of people working with youth having sexual health knowledge, skills and understanding
  • link young people into mainstream services
  • reduce the incidence of and costs related to STIs, unintended teenage pregnancies and abortions

Process of CCS

A young person has a one to one interaction with a trained ‘practitioner’ who discusses safe sex practices, confidentiality, condom demonstration and provides information on local sexual health services. The young person then receives a card which identifies that they are part of the scheme. This enables them to access participating local pharmacies to pick up free condoms.


This is a tool used as a guide of what areas are covered in the training by using the word CONDOMS.

  • Condom Card Scheme: Confidentiality, Consensual Sex, Competency (Frasers Guidelines), and Communication with parents
  • Options: Safe sexual practices, STI testing, Contraception, Sex and ethics framework
  • Need to know: Effectiveness of condoms in preventing pregnancy and most STI’s
  • Demonstration: How to put on, use lube, encouraging use of condoms
  • Outcomes: What to do if the condom breaks or slips off (ECP), STI short term and long term
  • Matters: Local sexual health services, discuss any concerns young people may have
  • Scheme: How the Condom Card Scheme process works, start up pack.

Poster Promotion

Our poster used to promote providers who are trained to offer the scheme. The round logo on the left is also a key symbol for our young people to identify with also.

Gender, Ethnicity and Age Distribution 2012-2014



Data of users of the CCS. Even split of males and females, high Māori usage and 16-17 year olds are our most frequent users.

Want to Know More?

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