Family Planning New Resources

fpa1New Dad’s Resource for Young Māori Men

Tihei Mauri Tipu in a free resource adapted for young Māori men who are, or are soon to be new dads.

The booklet covers a range of issues including:
• Preparing for a new role as a father
• How a young man might feel as he comes to grips with the idea of being a dad
• Talking about relationships and the impact of pregnancy and birth

Visit the Family Planning website to order Tihei Mauri Tipu or access the online pdf version.

Tihei Mauri Tipu is a free resource but postage costs apply.



Consent, or a lack of understanding of consent has been in the media lately.

Consent is saying and showing ‘Yes’. Family Planning have a lot of information about consent on their website and in their resources. Consent is also a key theme in their comprehensive sexuality education programmes.

The It’s About Mana poster series includes an A4 poster that targets men and confronts the issue of consent. It features the message “I thought we were both really up for it then she just kind of lay there – so I backed off”.

Visit the Family Planning website to order any of the It’s about Mana resources or read their information on consent.

This resource is free of charge but postage costs apply.


fpa3Family Planning MP Briefing

Sexual and reproductive health status has a major influence on general health and well-being – and on social and economic indicators.

The Family Planning Briefing to Incoming MPs, published late in October, includes evidence-based recommendations about what would make a real difference, particularly for young, Māori, Pasifika and other marginalised groups.

Family Planning recommend three important actions:

  • Political leadership, for example, a national action plan to address sexual and reproductive health and rights
  • Sexual and reproductive health services that are easy to access and are affordable
  • Comprehensive sexuality education for all of Aotearoa

Read the 2014 Briefing on ISSUU now.