Sexwise Update

image_Page_3_Image_0001Exciting times @ THETA HQ – we are currently programming the 2015 delivery and employing eight suitably wonderful Actor/Facilitators to undertake the tour. We’d like to thank everyone who has assisted with this process and give a special shout out to Rihi for providing the 2015 team names: Takurua and Mapihiterangi.

We utilise an online registration process and receive some really interesting comments from (mostly) Teachers – some of which we thought we’d share with

How will having Sexwise in your school enhance your existing Health Education programme?

  • Our students thoroughly enjoyed your last presentation in 2013. It allowed more discussion within Health classes about the topics that was covered and the students took a lot away from it. As the Health co-ordinator, it allowed me to develop a programme that was then supported by this workshop.
  • sexwise relate well with the students of A.E. There description and delivery of sex education is second to none. The kids always feel at ease to ask them with sensitive questions that usually they would keep stored away inside of them.
  • Year 10 Health has recently become an option. Therefore beyond Year 9 compulsory health, students may not any have health education unless they pick it as a option. Health teachers will be in attendance of the presentations and it will effectively become professional learning for them too.
  • We are in the fortunate position of having had this programme presented at our college in past years, (2011, 2013). The programme complements our existing programme and we are aware of the advantages of having outside professionals presenting the same or similar material in a very different form. Additionally our students responded very positively to the young presenters who offer a new perspective and fresh approach. The material is current and diverse and humour is used to great effect. Having the theatre performance complemented by the follow up workshop augments the learning experience and encouraged the students to reflect on what they have observed and learned.
  • We use it to compliment the sex ed programme we have with family planning. Another direct approach to get the safe sex messages out to students
  • At present we have had sexwise in during our 2013 year. We felt this worked very well with our programme and would love to have you back. The students are able to relate fully with the course and is also gives them another perspective on being safe and healthy. The programme also gives us, the teachers more content to work with before and after your visit, plus it gives the students a new way to learn.
  • Having previously experienced your interactive theatre based programme and the discussions and student talk that occurred many times in our classes after you had left highlighted the impact that your group can have on sexual health of our students.
  • The number of students seeking professional advice about contraception has vastly improved as has the number to students who go to family planning for STI check-ups. Condom use has been normalised amongst those who are sexually active.

What consultation will you undertake with whānau before and after Sexwise?

  • Parents are made aware of the programme through letters home and consent forms to ensure that they are happy with their children taking part in this.
  • We have a bi annually consultation with the community on our Health Education policy in terms of Sexuality Education. We will publish the presentation in the School newsletter leading up to the visit. We may also publish the visit on the School website. Beyond the visit there may not be any consultation unless parents seek to contact us.
  • Yes, it is important for whanau to understand why its important for our students to be a part of this programme, we also inform then how long this programme has been coming to our organisation, how much of a change we have seen in the information given and what students take away from this programme.
  • We will have newsletter articles prior and after your visit informing them of the presentation and the success of the workshops. We will also have access to contact details of our counselor and other sexual health services published so parents / caregivers if they want to can contact these agencies should your presentation bring to light any issues

For more information about Sexwise contact Gareth McMillan