SHOPP Online – Survey Results

latesteditionFollowing on from the article in the last newsletter, we ran the SHOPP online survey from September-October. There were 15 respondents which is pretty low considering the number of us that work in the sexual and reproductive health sector. However, this is a good base from which to grow and the feedback was encouraging.

Improving SHOPP

  • We want SHOPP to be a useful communication channel for anyone working in the sexual and reproductive health sector.
    • Top topics requested from the survey were Ministry of Health updates, best-practice information, professional development opportunities, and emerging trends. SHOPP articles will reflect these topics.
  • We want to increase readership, contributions, and ways of notifying people about the latest SHOPP articles and events.
    • The requirement to login has been removed.
    • We have increased the ways of hearing about SHOPP – Like us on Facebook, subscribe to our Twitter feed, forward the newsletter email and encourage people to subscribe to future updates.
    • We have altered the website theme to be cleaner with a focus on content.

The survey results can be viewed here (PDF 110kb).