Health Promotion – Te Kaha Styles!

tekahaChanging the Way we Engage with Whanau

Gone are the days of handing out a pamphlets to whanau at an event and expecting to see a change in attitude and behaviour. Those days are over and we have had to find new innovative ways to engage with rangatahi and their whanau. Here our key tips to engaging with whanau:

  • Look good, Sound good, & know what you’re talking about. . . Rangatahi know what’s real and what’s not
  • Keep it Simple… If there’s too much going on they won’t bother
  • Be interactive… Rangatahi and their whanau will engage if there is something on offer to them and the korero is real & relative to their environment. Evidence Based….Use of survey questions to gain direct feedback or any means of asking questions and documenting attitude and behavior is a great source of knowledge for an organisation. Data collection can drive an organisations decision making.
  • Walk the Talk… If you want rangatahi to make changes then we have to be the “Champions of Change and lead the way for a “Better Future” Tiakina Tou Whakapapa – It’s about the protection of the next generation