Ministry of Health Update

Warm greetings for a fabulous 2014!

There has been amazing progress in our sector over the past few years to increase the quality of service delivery and our increasing ability to be able to see if we are really making a tangible difference.

Measuring success is a huge challenge. The first step is asking ourselves what success would look like – only then can you start unpicking how to go about achieving this.

This involves up-skilling around workforce development, sharing and maintaining good communications and networks and asking those brave questions – what would success look like for our rangatahi, whānau, community?

Training and Networking in 2014

There are some excellent training and networking opportunities again this year, including the Public Health Leadership Programme (to grow and nurture leadership skills with workshops in Auckland and Wellington over a 3-4 month period) and the NZ Sexual Health Society Conference.

A special free one-day training is offered by Rape Prevention Education (who deliver the BodySafe programme in Auckland) in both Hamilton and Auckland facilitated by Russell Smith and Joy Te Wiata- co-directors of Korowai Tumanako and facilitators for RPE’s rangatahi programme. Numbers are strictly limited so forward me your interest soon. This will have particular relevance for kaimahi working with rangatahi Maori.

Dates: Hamilton 21 March/ Auckland 9 May.

Resource Documents and Links

Interesting strategic documents published end of 2013 have relevance for those working in sexual and reproductive health – get your hands on a copy and see where this links to your service:

  • Hapū Ora: Wellbeing in the Early Stages of Life Funded in the partnership programme of the Health Research Council of NZ and the Ministry of Health. Inquiry into improving child health outcomes and preventing child abuse with a focus from pre-conception until three years of age.
  • Report of the Health Committee November 2013 (Part 1) and (Part 2): New Zealand House of Representatives
  • Are you subscribing to the free on-line Review Journals? These cover every subject of interest including HIV management, Women’s health, Pacific health, Maori health, Infectious diseases, and every other medical thing of interest in NZ. They contain links to current relevant research and policy and complement the contents of our baskets of knowledge.
  • Also interesting info in this site: NZ Social Indicators for statistics on various health indicators

Contribute and Share!

Continue to share your successes, failures and light bulb moments via the SHopp. Have a go capturing one of your most special achievements via a brief narrative from one of your rangatahi or whanau- these often sum up what we are trying to do using traditional story-telling skills (with no names/ identifying data). These are valid ways of knowing and should be celebrated.

Looking forward to catching up with you all throughout this year, otherwise email is best or phone (away from the office a lot!) or drop into the Hamilton office if you are in the area.

Mauri Ora!