Plan 2 Party Celebrate Responsibly

image_Page_7_Image_0004Enabling Young People and Their Whanau to Lead Healthy Vibrant Lives

Café for youth health has had an awesome Summer so far promoting “Plan 2 Party Celebrate Responsibly”.

Raising awareness around how “binge drinking” can lead to socially unacceptable behaviours and can influence making safe and healthy choices.

We did surveys at our community events which have helped to make people think about their own drinking behaviour and
reconsider the acceptability of the harms associated with drinking till intoxicated. This survey generated a lot of conversation and thoughtfulness amongst our young people around whether alcohol has an effect on people’s sexual behaviour.

image_Page_7_Image_0001Youth Messages

Our youth advisory group, Anamata A-Team have been out in our community handing out posters, flyers, wallet cards, condoms and drink bottles gifted to us by Health Promotion Agency in supporting our summer campaign.

The New Zealand Aids Foundation gifted us some LYC (Love Your Condom) condom and lube packs which were funky and fun!

Check out the awesome artwork by our rangatahi!