To Infinity and Beyond!

swpicsValentines Day Competition

SWPICS Valentines competition for their Teen Parent Unit aimed to give young people the opportunity to express themselves and communicate to their loved ones how they are feelings. Parents were asked to write a love letter to their Valentine and they would win a Valentine prize pack, chocolates, earrings and a bag to the value of $50. Everyone that entered were winners as they received a smaller valentine gift. Below is the over all winning poem.

What’s the big fuss about Valentines Day?
Why bother looking forward to something so plain?
Why only show your love at that particular time?
Can you not show your love outside of that?
Is it a crime?
Why not show your love to them twenty four seven?
Let them know that they are an angel sent from the heavens.
The most gorgeous looking angel placed on to this earth.
My time, my money, my love, you are worth.
Tell her you love her but with meaning from the heart
and that you will fight for her, when pieces start falling apart.
You will give 100% to be the best partner ever.
That you will not be controlling and abusive, oh never!
Tell her you’ll stand by her through hard times and all.
You will hold her hand and help through the big obstacles and small.
Remind her everyday that she’s a blessing to your life
and that one day she will become your wife.
She’ll be dressed beautifully, walking down the isle
and you waiting at the end with an enormous smile.
Saying your vows and making promises for life,
I know pronounce you husband and wife.
Together forever to love one another.
You always and will be my number one love.
Never to ever embarrass her in front of your friends,
have some cute moments and straighten her hair,
buy her some flowers, chocolate and a cuddly teddy bear,
take cute photos and take her out to dinner,
tell her she’s perfect and mate you’re a winner.
Show her you love her in every possible way
and you don’t have to wait for Valentines Day.