What You Drink Affects The Way You Think

fpa1Family Planning and Orientation Week

Last month it was O-Week time! Family Planning went into overdrive withcompetitions, crosswords, quiz nights and of course loads of free Durex condoms and lube sachets.

Our theme for O-Week is “Study hard, play safe”. This focuses on safety while partying and is designed to raise awareness of how alcohol can affect sexual decision making.

Evidence shows that consumption of alcohol and the harms that come from this are higher for students than for non-students of the same age.

These harms include sexual harm. An Otago University study found that 16% of women and 25% of men had sex after drinking that they later regretted.

In the same study 34% of women and 25% of men reported they’d recently been subjected to unwanted sexual advances because of someone else’s drinking.

We’re not out to be the fun police (no really, it’s true!) our message is about thinking ahead, about the choices people are comfortable living with and ensuring it’s a really enjoyable and memorable time – with no regrets.