Sexwise 2015 – Getting Ready to Tour

featuredthetaIn February THETA welcomed the eight Actor/Educators tasked with bringing Sexwise to schools across New Zealand this year. In keeping with our kaupapa, we shared with them the korero of Mapihiterangi and Takurua, from whom we have named our 2015 teams. A big kia ora to Rihi Motutere and her iwi (Ngati Ranginui and Ngai te Rangi) for gifting us a local love story to frame our journey and team Takurua will visit this part of the Bay of Plenty.

2015 has a new narrative. Dr. Melanie Beres of the University of Otago is working with us to develop a positive approach to developing knowledge and understanding around consent by beginning with the idea that young people seek consent all the time in many ways, and this is a starting point to explore how it works when applied to relationships.

sexwiseteamPreviously, the Sexwise teams have distributed regional handout cards to students. In 2015, we are happy to distribute a regional card if one is made available to us, but we are also developing a national card to ensure every student receives information regarding where to go to for further support. It will feature our contact details and a small number of national service providers, including the new justthefacts STI website. Our site will list local services for rangatahi/youth, so please forward any relevant information to us.

The diagram
below displays the tour route. Specific information regarding the itinerary and opportunities for collaboration will be sent out to each region but feel free to contact us if there’s anything you want to know. Also check out the SHOPP calendar page which also lists our tour dates and locations.

If we’re lucky enough to be working in your neighborhood this year we look forward to seeing you!

All enquiries to the Administrator: Gareth 021 1072744sexwisetour