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NZSHS Conference 2015

Huge congratulations to the organising committee for this year’s great National Sexual Health Conference in Taupo recently. It had some amazing speakers and highlighted Maori and Pacifika achievements in sexual health and wellbeing. There was many a tear shed at the raw courage and frankness shared by some speakers. It was humbling to be trusted with the sharing of these insights and my take-away feeling was of a strong sense of collective unity and emotional growth as a sector.


PASHANZ made important progress in electing new Trustees – this carries responsibility and accountability and I am sure the wider membership will support these officers in their work. A general query was raised in the PASHANZ hui about how to link your work to the wider community. The NGO Forum may be just one way to do this: Click on this link to get to the update There are also some ‘Quicklinks’ on the NGO Desk updates web page that you may find useful.


At the Conference I heard the best ever description of consent for sexual activity. Highly recommend all schools show this to all students. I’ve been telling everyone who will listen about it. Google ‘cupofteaconsent’ if link doesn’t work. It likens consent for sexual activity to consenting to a cup of tea and describes the right to change your mind at any time beautifully.

Results-based Accountability (RBA)

RBA outcomes-based contract frameworks is progressing well with the new templates for reporting finalised. If your organisation is still struggling to understand what this may look like for sexual and reproductive health (SRH), contact me and I will try to find a way to go over this informally using the examples we have in place to date.

We have identified some ‘vital few’ measures common across the SRH contracts that we can theoretically track for some ‘turn the curve’ data. This is the first time we have ever attempted to track performance across the sector and is very exciting.

Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable Christmas break.
Ngā mihi
Ngaire Sandel (Portfolio Manager- National Health Board)