Spotlight On: PASHANZ


Promoters Advocating for Sexual Health in Aotearoa New Zealand is a network of health promoters started in 2003, and incorporated as a trust since 2014 to provide a collaborative and co-ordinated approach to working in the area of sexual and reproductive health.

Kia ora! Wass up! Talofa! Mōrena! Hey everyone!


PASHANZ members at the recent face-to-face meeting in Taupo

Elected through the amazing PASHANZ body we are the infamous 5 – soon to be 7 – PASHANZ Trustees! Nominated by our fellow health promoters within Aotearoa to create, form and design the future PASHANZ governing body, we look forward to piecing together a puzzle that will help, support and guide our fellow PASHANZ members in their respective areas of sexual and reproductive health. For more information or to make sure you are on the emailing list please email

Our next telehui

The next PASHANZ teleconference is on Thursday 3rd December at 1030am – 1130am. Please ensure you check your emails for calling instructions or please ensure your apologies or any messages you would like to put forward please do so. We are calling for nominees to fill two trustee positions – please do not hesitate to contact us or forward nominees to the secretary.

Meet the new trustees

Evelyn Mann – PASHANZ Chairperson

pashanzevelyn WORKS FOR: Southern DHB and THETA. I am a health promoter at Public Health South in Invercargill (0.5 FTE), Southern DHB and I’m also the Artistic Director for THETA Sex wise.
I’M PASSIONATE ABOUT: Sexual health and applied theatre!! Also love gardening, theatre, travel, family, eating out, fine wines and good company!
AS A TRUSTEE: I am aiming for all people to be able to ‘talk’ about sexuality and it’s ins and outs without shame or embarrassment, and to support our young people to become really good at building relationships and knowing how to be great lovers…
AND IF YOU WERE A SUPER HERO: I would be, and am, woman! Well actually I am a Goddess and I can do anything (except the splits now) if I work at it.

Justeena-Jayme Leaf a.k.a. CHICKEE – PASHANZ Secretary

pashanzchickee WORKS FOR: Te Ahurei a Rangatahi in Kirikiriroa, Waikato, Advising and support the team around SRH kaupapa.
I’M PASSIONATE ABOUT: Being Māori and culture. I love working in and around young people supporting them and their whanau to engage, get support and take on the mana of their own Hauora.
AS A TRUSTEE: I want to try and bring about a more collaborative hub of support for all SRH kaimahi in Aotearoa…
AND IF YOU WERE A SUPER HERO: I would be the person who heals all mamai (hurt/pain/wounds), taking away symptoms and hurt in people to make them smile again.

Ruth Donna Uo a.k.a. Ruthie or Rufus – PASHANZ Co-Treasurer

pashanzruthWORKS FOR: Village Collective in Auckland as the Operations Leader.
I’M PASSIONATE ABOUT: positively influencing our young people’s attitudes, knowledge and skills so they can make great life choices.
AS A TRUSTEE: Building a supportive network for our people working tirelessly in their own areas. That we hear the concerns of our fellow workers and create opportunities that can bring about positive changes…
AND IF YOU WERE A SUPER HERO:  Psylocke (Female Marvel Character). She is strong both physically (weapon and combat master) and mentally with the ability to form psychic weapons to assist her in battle. She can also read thoughts and move things with her mind, which is quite handy. I would love to use those powers to help people.

Terri Te Kani a.k.a. Fatti -PASHANZ Co-Secretary

pashanzterriWORKS FOR: Hauora Tairawhiti- Tairawhiti DHB as an amazing Health promoter.
I’M PASSIONATE ABOUT: My people, Iwi, Hapu, whanau, tamariki, all things Tairawhiti / all things Maori / All things Sexy.
AS A TRUSTEE: I would like to achieve being a voice and positive vehicle to promote and influence Love , Manaaki and safety to all Whanau , hapu , Iwi.
AND IF YOU WERE A SUPER HERO: Storm as she is the closest thing I can imagine a Māori Goddess to look like and to have the ability to be between both worlds from Ranginui to Papatuanuku- to the galaxy. Love Gizzy, it’s a place of sunshine and the most beautiful, sexiest people in Aotearoa.

Alex Anderson – PASHANZ Treasurer

pashanzalex WORKS FOR: Auckland Sexual Health Services (ASHS).