Spotlight On: Village Collective

Village Collective is a charitable trust that aims to support Pasefika communities with sexual and reproductive health needs. They do this by health promotion and ensuring we work across the five streams of the Ottawa Charter.

Malo e lelei and warm greetings

Like many of you, 2015 has come and gone so quickly. We entered the year hopeful to build on the work of 2014 and to continue to make a difference in the lives of those we engaged. This year saw the team mix it up by leading different health promotion projects in the community.

Youth Slumber Party


Participants at the Youth Slumber Party

Our Youth Slumber Party event focussed on engaging Rainbow Pasifika young people saw just under 30 young people come together and continue to develop relationships with each other, but also learn about the different services that are available to support them. Putting on an overnight event was a change up from the norm, and by the end of it, the participants left beaming.

Ta’ahine Fo’ilole


Loma and participants of Ta’ahine Fo’ilole

We also developed and delivered Ta’ahine Fo’ilole, an event designed to support young woman by equipping them with the skills to challenge how media portray woman and body image. We had just under 40 young women attend and while many were unsure at the start, they left wiser and encouraged about the beauty they have and bring to the world.

Watch me Kapow

Another new offering we rolled out was Watch me Kapow – a creative arts based approach to developing confidence within young people. Utilising the different art forms, young people are exposed to different tools that can build their confidence and support communication. It’s early days, but we have already seen some of the participants grow through our engagements.

Hope everyone has a relaxing break – we look forward to catching up in the new year.

Rob Muller