Family Planning-Sexuality from a Māori perspective

nga kakanoNgā Kākano in a free resource for whānau with tamariki aged 8 to 12 that looks at sex and sexuality from a Māori perspective. It includes ideas on how whānau can best communicate with their tamariki on this very important, but often uncomfortable subject at an age where there are many changes going on.

Ngā Kākano uses whakatāuki to illustrate and support whānau and tamaiti and provides advice on how to deal with tricky questions and how to keep your tamaiti safe in te ao hurihuri.

“Talking about sex and sexuality is a process of sowing and nurturing seeds with our tamariki so that they may blossom and develop in to happy, healthy adults.”

Visit the Family Planning website to order Ngā Kākano or access the online pdf version.

Ngā Kākano is a free resource but postage costs apply.