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Family Planning has been operating since 1936. We provide a range of services across New Zealand including sexual and reproductive health information, clinical services, education and training and research.

cervicalscreeningCervical Smear Training Courses

September is Cervical Screening Awareness month coordinated by the Ministry of Health’s National Screening Unit. It is a time dedicated to promoting the message, mā te āraitanga ka ora: prevention is better than cure.

Family Planning is one of the leading providers of cervical smear training in Aotearoa and are specialist smear takers. On average, they take 21,996 cervical smears each year, that’s 1,833 every month and 84 every day.

Family Planning offer two courses teaching cervical smear taking.

Cervical Smear Training Course

cxscreencourse1This is a three day NZQA accredited course and fulfils unit standard 1098: Perform Cervical Screening and Cervical Smear Taking.

This course teaches:

  • Anatomy, physiology, pathology & cytology
  • Cervical screening and barriers to screening
  • Sexual health
  • Laboratory input and colposcopy
  • National Cervical Screening Programme
  • Cultural safety

Family Planning recognises that Māori have their own perspective on health and wellbeing that can differ from the mainstream approach. In order for smear taking nurses to fully understand this and modify their approach, this course provides a comprehensive component that examines health and wellbeing from a Māori perspective.

Cervical Smear Update Course

cxscreencourse2This workshop is for registered smear-takers for continuing education and update. Regular updates are recommended by the National Cervical Screening Programme.

How to register

To register for a course, visit the Family Planning website. You may be eligible for a refund for the cost of the course if completed within a year. Find out more at the National Screening Unit website.

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