“Respect yourself Protect yourself” condom campaign in Taupo


Anamata Cafe (Clinics and Advice For Everyone) is a health service in Taupo that focuses on the health and wellness of young people and their whānau. 

What our health promotion campaign was about

respectprotectposterAim: This campaign was aimed at young people, parents, whānau and the wider community to raise awareness around keeping their whānau and themselves healthy emotionally, mentally and physically.

Resources and Design Development (how to involve youth): Our youth advisory group (The A Team) designed and created the posters and wallet size cards with a year 10 class who spent two lessons in a “focus group” sharing ideas, designs, etc. We wanted the campaign to involve youth from the start and this was a great way of having the resources designed by young people for young people.

At Anamata Café: Our doctor advocated to ensure that the ECP was free to under 25s at participating pharmacies during the Summer school break. A LYC condom, wallet sized card with a box of free condoms was offered with each consultation.  We don’t have an accurate amount of consultations for this, so will leave it at that.

Local business involvement: It was launched at a youth event run by our A Team in conjunction with our local district council.  It consisted of youth entertainment for youth by youth, bbqs, freebies, bake sales, info and resources covering all aspects of health.

  • respectprotect1Pharmacies: All the pharmacies in Taupo (4) and Turangi (1) displayed our posters and we gave each pharmacy 10 LYC condom packs.
  • Backpackers: Nine backpacker hostels each received baskets for their reception desk area with supplies of 10+ boxes of condoms as well as posters, wallet size cards, LYC condoms and extra Durex / Marquis condoms. Baskets were  – referrals to CAFE and condoms accessed consistently.
  • Local health/social service agencies: Wallet cards were good conversation starters, referrals to Anamata CAFE, condoms distributed
  • Other Café clinics and school clinics (Taupo and Turangi): Display of posters, wallet size cards, and condoms.
  • Pubs: Two local pubs distributed condoms with drink promotions and during conversations with patrons as well as having condoms available on a plate at the bar.

respectprotect2Response and Feedback: Much positive feedback was received, and we have had requests for more condoms as all our supplies were distributed. All the posters are still being displayed and the wallet cards are still be distributed.

People are more than welcome to access our art work and if you would like to know more about the campaign or any comments, please let us know!

Mary-Lou Clark, Youth Health Promotor/Educator

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